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17.1 The personal data are collected by the SUPPLIER in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 called CODE RELATING TO PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION.

These data will be processed manually or electronically for statistical marketing and promotional communication, and any initiatives SUPPLIER through the sending of information.

More specifically, the SUPPLIER declares that the data collected during the registration form data collection and / or subsequently acquired will be entered into our database CUSTOMER for the following purposes:

1. forwarding of commercial communications, as well as their communication to subjects our business partners in business co-marketing and sales initiatives;

2. Management function of any subsequent dealings with the SUPPLIER, or even the mere exchange of information and contacts, however, related to the activities and events organization to which the same can participate;

3. processing statistics through the use of automated access logs;

4. obligations to any kind of obligations required by applicable laws, rules, regulations and related commercial uses;

5. SUPPLIER also undertakes not to use the personal data relating to the field "e-mail address" for any purpose that is not functional to sending the email and not to communicate such data to third parties.

The conferment of the data is obligatory to allow the SUPPLIER to fulfill the obligations required by Italian law or by Community legislation. Also necessary is the provision for commercial purposes above. Any refusal by the user to enter such data will not allow the execution of the service.

The personal information collected for the purposes listed will be disclosed to third parties to fulfill obligations under the law or in the execution of the obligations under the contract / service which is a party.

Personal data may also be communicated to all other parties involved in the performance, even in part, to activities concerning the task. In case of consent, your personal data may also be disclosed to third parties for promotional activities, product offerings and / or services, sending advertising materials or direct sales, including interactive communications and engineered to profit objective, namely to surveys, market research and analysis of the level of customer satisfaction.

Under Article 13 letter f, stating that the holder of the treatment of the data collected is now ERREPI UDINE GROUP SRL - SOCIETA'UNIPERSONALE - Via S. Caterina, 58 - Pasian di Prato (UD). The company states that the data provided will be treated in excess of the purposes listed herein. In relation to the processing of these data, it states that, under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, which we report in full, you are entitled to access, modify or delete data relating to him or to oppose their use, obtaining confirmation of the execution of the above for free by writing to ERREPI UDINE GROUP SRL - Via S. Caterina, 58 - Pasian di Prato (Udine) or e-mail

17.2 The data may be transmitted to companies that perform on our behalf the DATA with them and ensure that the forwarding of PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL.

The provision of DATA is not required and the consequence of failure to provide the same SUPPLIER is unable to forward the information in indicabili FORM.

17.3 As a result of the rights under Article 7 of the DECREE aforementioned PERSONAL DATA may be examined, modified, completed or canceled, by requesting it in writing to the OWNER OF DATA SUPPLIER.

17.4 As aforementioned the CUSTOMER expresses CONSENT to DATA and the Communication of the same for the purposes indicated in.



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Amendments to the Declaration on cookies

The statement on the cookie is updated periodically. In the event that material changes to how we use cookies or treatment of information collected through them, they will be given an account in its statement, which (as at the end of this section) will be updated accordingly date entry into force. Users are therefore invited to consult it regularly to keep informed about the use of cookies on our part.


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Date of entry into force of the privacy statement relating to customer data and users online: July 22, 2013.